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Bedrock. Also known as Adminite, Adminium, OP Block, and so on. Marks the bottom of the world. Allegedly indestructable. If you manage to dig through Bedrock, and go through the hole, you will continue falling, as it marks the bottom of the world. You will eventually die, and lose all your items in the proces free minecraft. In case I haven’t made this very clear: DO NOT TRY TO DIG THROUGH BEDROCK! It is a very silly thing to do.
Netherrack, formerly known as: brimstone, bloodstone, netherstone, or red cobble. Once set on fire, it burns forever. Possibly a material for the lantern or as an alternate lighting avenue. Found only in the Nether. Harvests with any pick.
Glowstone, formerly known as Australium or lightstone. Found only in the Nether. Harvests freehand or with any tool. Harvests as a single pile of glowstone powder and it takes four powders to craft a new glowstone block. Shines under its own power. Harvest freehand with any tool.
Soul Sand, formerly known as: nethermud, slowsand, or mire. Found only in the Nether. Harvests with any shovel or freehand. Useful for slowing down walking creatures that may be chasing you.
Portal effect block. Non-solid and non-harvestable. Must be surrounded by Obsidian in a 2-wide, 3-high matrix. (The frame is 4 wide by 5 high) and created by setting fire to the interior of the Obsidian frame.
Sandstone. Useful if you spawn or choose to settle in a desert biome. Or if you want to make a shiny, sandstone castle. Can be harvested with any pick.
Brick block. Crafted block not found in nature. Made by placing four bricks together in a square formation in a crafting zone. Harvest with any pick.
To smelt items, you need fuel. This can be logs, planks, sticks, coal, or a bucket of lava. A log will smelt 1.5 items (You need two logs to smelt three item). A plank will smelt 1.5 item free minecraft. Two sticks will smelt one item. One piece of coal or charcoal will smelt eight item free minecraft. Buckets of lava can also be used to smelt one hundred items, but it consumes both the bucket and the lava beyond retrieval.
Most players choose to smelt with planks, as they are the most efficient fuel and a renewable resource. For more on renewing trees, see How to Play: Farming.
You can also cook meat in your smelter, which makes the meat restore more of your hunger bar when cooked.
Any kind of log smelts into charcoal, which can be used as a coal substitute if you can find trees, but no coal. Or if you don’t particularly feel like going into a dark, creature-filled cavern in order to find and mine some coal.

Sand smelts into Glass, which is useful for windows, greenhouses, or any traps where you want to watch the creatures as they die. Glass can also be used for Lava Lighting, which will be covered in How to Play: Building.

Clay blobs smelt into bricks, which can then be crafted into brick block free minecraft. There are currently no other uses for clay.

Cobblestone smelts into grey-stone, which some people think looks prettier than cobblestone.
Iron ore smelts into iron ingots, useful for tools, weapons, armour and one known gizmo. See How to Play: Armour. Note that any ore can be smelted into it’s corresponding result. This includes iron, gold, diamond, lapis laziuli, redstone and coal ore. The latter 4 ores are only obtainable by using a silk touch pickaxe, otherwise when you mine the ore it will give you the item, not the ore.

Raw Porkchop cooks into Cooked Porkchop. You don’t need this in Peaceful mode, but when used, food replenishes your hunger bar. You can also cook raw chicken, raw beef and raw fish which also replenishes your hunger.

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