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The Nether, also known by fans as Hell and rarely The Slip is a dimension in free Minecraft that was added in the Halloween update during the ‘Alpha’ phase in free Minecraft.

To reach the nether, you need to make a portal frame out of obsidian which measures 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks high. Once you have done so, you can light the frame in the middle with some fire (from flint & steel) and you will see a purple portal created. Stand in the portal and it will take you to The Nether in about 4 seconds (the loading time of the world may differ).

When you arrive at The Nether you will see miles and miles of netherrack and lava (be careful not to fall in!). Other blocks you may also see include netherrack on fire, soul sand, glowstone on the roofs, mushrooms, nether wart and rarely gravel.

The Nether has a variety of uses for the player which includes fast travel. Any distance you walk in the nether is equal to 8 times the amount in the overworld so you could walk a distance, create a new portal and would be at a totally different place. Glowstone is also another reason that the player might want to visit the nether as it is only found naturally there. You have to be careful though as glowstone is found on the roof which involves you climbing to great heights and you may either fall or lose some of the glowstone to the lava.

There are 4 mobs that spawn in The Nether. The first that you might see is a Zombie Pigman. They look like a pig with a disease but they stand up and wield a golden sword. They are neutral towards you but if you attack them then they will attack you, and bring all their friends to attack you to as they are a group mob. The next mob is a Ghast which flies around The Nether shooting exploding shots at you which functions pretty much like a creeper explosion. They are big so your best bet is to attack them with a bow and arrow. A rarer mob found in the nether is a Magma Cube which functions a lot like a slime but it’s appearance is different. When it moves, it’s body separates into different parts which is awesome to look at but you must avoid them. The last mob you will find is The Nether is a Blaze and are often found only near blaze spawner free minecraft. These mobs are dangerous and will fly around and shoot flaming shots at you. You will need to destroy some of this mob to get blazerods for crafting potion stand free minecraft.

After hunting the rare blocks and mobs in The Nether, you may come across a Nether Fortres free minecraft. It is made out of Nether Brick, Nether Brick Fence and Nether Brick Stair free minecraft. These blocks only spawn within these fortresses so it could be a good idea to mine them. Inside you may find Nether Wart growing (useful for potions later) and blaze spawner free minecraft. Otherwise it is just a nice structure to look at and explore, pretty barren though.

The End is most likely going to be the final part on your journey of finishing free Minecraft. However, it can be a complex way of reaching The End because you first need to find a stronghold.

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